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Reader feedback on the books

Here are just some of the comments we have received from satisfied customers who have purchased books in the Troubleshooting Mac OS X series.

"There is a lot of [varying] information out there for those seeking it. But you make it easy to not only find it but also cut through the fog of uncertainty by putting a wealth of concise technical information in one well-organized place. I certainly get my money's worth. "

Paul S., PA USA

"A few days ago I purchased the Leopard Edition of Troubleshooting Mac OS X and I'm very pleased with all the information contained in it. Well done!"

D. Martin, IA USA

"A truly annoying problem I had with my networking was solved thanks to the information in your book! I think I am going to find it very useful. It was handy to be able to download it immediately and start using it right away rather than having to wait for a book to be delivered."

Peter S., CO USA

"I recently bought your outstanding Troubleshooting Mac® OS X, the first and only book that really helped me with Mac troubleshooting."

Paul E., MI USA

"Your book is great and am using it to help prepare for Apple's certification exams."

Jimm S., MD USA

"Thanks for all this information — this is the best repair resource I have found… great product! Your e-book truly has set me free from calling Applecare."

Carl A., FL USA

"My purchase of Troubleshooting Mac® OS X, Tiger™ Edition has been a thoroughly worthwhile investment, allowing me to install, configure and use my iMac confidently and without any issues so far."

David P., U.K.

"You are marvelous!!! Of all the books I have explored, only yours made sense, the format is clean, readable, comprehensible — that reflects a great mind willing to share and help. Really super! I live off the grid, no Mac users or user groups, and these new machines don't have manuals! Everyone needs to buy your book! I can already see it would've saved me weeks of tears and frustration if I'd have found it earlier!"

Sheri F., ME USA

"Many thanks for the news of Tiger Edition. The previous volume has been invaluable, and I have just purchased the new one. It's brilliant, and incredible value at this price."

Greg M., Australia

"Ok, the book is great. I have owned it for about 10 minutes and already some questions have been answered. And this from an Apple Certified technician. I figure I will be using the book daily."

Drew, J., MD USA

"Thanks for publishing such a great resource. I bought your book and have been putting it to work."

Andy W., OH USA

"I would like to let you know that your book has saved my bacon several times. Thanks again."

John P., CA USA

"First chapter I read was the one on kernel panics. I congratulate you on the fine work. That has to be one of the best explanations of how to interpret, analyze, and troubleshoot a kernel panic that I have read anywhere. I think I learned more from just those pages than I learned reading numerous KB article, replies to posts in the forums, or in any other documentation I have read. My hat's off to you for a job well done.

"Anyone who does not see the value of this one chapter alone is missing the boat. The book would be worth the price just for that information. I truly mean that and you may quote me if you wish! I am impressed. I can't wait to read the rest of the book now!"


"I've bought your new edition of Troubleshooting Mac OS X and, as with the prior edition, I am glad that I purchased this book.

"Your book has been very useful as a central reference point for my Macintosh maintenance workflow both for my own Macs and my clients' Macs. I like your standards-compliant, logical, safe, and reliable approach to the matter of troubleshooting and system maintenance.... I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing how to maintain Mac OS X properly."

Hiroto S., CO USA

"Bought the new edition immediately. I had enjoyed your prior edition and it was a lot of help... Good to have your new book. Many thanks!"

Joe S., Canada

"I am trying to learn how to run and maintain a G4 by myself. Your book is very helpful. Thanks for caring!"

Roger E., MI USA

"Your guide is the best troubleshooting resource I've seen, including all the print books. Furthermore, since your book is searchable I can get to the things I need almost instantly."

Charles B., VA USA

"The book is great. I keep a lot of Sports Illustrated's photographer's Macs working and it has been very helpful. I will recommend it."

John H., VA USA.

"I recently bought your e-book. What a great job! I'm very impressed by this excellent work and will evangelize it to all my Mac friends."

Sylvain F., Switzerland

"What I've read so far is clear and, most importanly, concise. My money was well spent."


"Bought your book. Its fantastic! I can not recommend it enough, especially when I call my so-called IT support team and tell them I fixed it myself!"

Grant S., USA

"I bought this book recently on CD. It is outstanding and extremely well organized with hyperlinks to everything you can think of. This book is a labor of love."

David. S., CA USA

"A fantastic reference."

Johnny B., UK

"Easily the best OS X troubleshooting guide available today. Worth far more than the asking price. Thanks for a great book!"


"I've been reading extensively in your e-book, and I'm impressed with the writing style, but especially with the organization and thoroughness."

Ray T., TX USA

"Very impressive! Exactly what I needed. You should really get the word out this is available at this incredibly low price!"

Michael F., CA USA

"This book will save me loads of time ... it has a wealth of information and I really like the hyperlinks."

Patrick G., UK

"I can see you spent considerable time and effort on it and I am very happy to have purchased it! Thanks for the good work!"

Howard K., NY USA

"I like your e-book. First one I've used. I like paper and I always print out manuals, etc. But I'm going to work with your book just as is. I've already had a few hours with it and I like it right where it is on disk."

Joe S., Canada

"I just purchased and downloaded your book - nice work and looks a very handy/useful reference/guide."

William W., MN USA

"I recently purchased your book. I am very impressed by the compendium of information you've assembled. It is well worth the cost. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable of OS X and Macs in general, but see in perusing your book that there is always much to learn."

Steve K., FL USA

"As I've started skimming through your book, I've been really impressed with the amount of information and its thoroughness. I've already received my money's worth from what I've read. Thank-you for all of your work in making such a valuable resource!"

Bob P., VA USA

"I am very impressed with all of the information that the book contains. It is money very well spent. I should be able to maintain my computers better with your book. Your book is simply excellent.

"I think this is the first time I have ever downloaded an e-book. This looks like a really great idea... In comparison, I am still waiting for a paper book that I ordered. It seems like the more intelligent way to do things in the Internet age. Thanks for an excellent e-book."

Terry H., CO USA

"And I thought David Pogue's books were good...this is fantastic!

Frank Z., CA USA

"I have just completed implementing my backup plan based on your recommendations detailed in your book. Thanks to your very detailed procedure!"

Bruce C., SC USA

"I find your book not only excellent, but really unlike anything else!"

Basil G., France

Just purchased your book. Excellent!

Nick B. CA, USA

"I have now spent some time with your e-book and I know it is going to prove invaluable. I think your decision to make it an e-book instead of a paper book was a stroke of genius."

Lawrence B., TX, USA

"I bought your book a couple of days ago and have found it incredibly useful. Thank you for the excellent book. Definitely worth the money."

David P. UK

"I just bought your book. You are obviously a real OS X expert. Thank you!"

Gary F., Canada

"THANK YOU! I work at Barnes & Noble, often (ironically) in the computer section. Now you have an avid fan, and I will refer customers to you whenever I can!"

Emma S., USA

All Troubleshooting Mac OS X e-books are priced at US$ 19.95 for a Single User License delivered via download after approval of your secure purchase by credit card or PayPal®.

Delivery on CD, a discounted Download+CD Combo, and multiuser licenses are also available.

Troubleshooting Mac OS X books are an excellent value and a wise investment in your productivity.

Take advantage of Dr. Smoke's expertise in preventing and resolving problems with Mac OS X: buy a Troubleshooting Mac OS X book today!

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