Troubleshooting Mac® OS X, Leopard® Edition

What's New?

Producing Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Leopard Edition has been a major undertaking. Changes in the Leopard Edition include:

  • Updated typography and layout that significantly reduce the size of the book (in terms of number of pages when compared to prior editions) without sacrificing on-screen readability or content.
  • The layout and typography changes also substantially improve the usability of the procedures in the book. For example: with few exceptions, every step-by-step procedure in the book fits on a single page.
  • All of the chapters that carried forward from the Tiger Edition have been updated for Leopard. In many cases, these chapters were completely rewritten.
  • Ten new chapters:
    • Installing Leopard.
    • AirPort® Base Station and Time Capsule® Status Lights.
    • Migration Assistant.
    • Plug-ins and Input Managers.
    • Reset Home Folder Permissions.
    • SMART Status.
    • Spaces®.
    • Time Machine™.
    • User ID Number.
    • Verify Disk Process.
  • Two new appendices:
    • Kernel Panic Vectors for Intel®-based Macs.
    • Kernel Panic Trap Values for PowerPC™-based Macs.
  • Obsolete information about Mac OS 9, Classic, NetInfo™, and Sherlock® has been removed.
  • The Glossary has been removed. In its place, technical terms are now hyperlinks to definitions on the Internet that open in your default Web browser. This saves the reader from jumping back and forth in the book — between the Glossary and where they are reading — for a definition.

And that is just a short list of some of the many updates in Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Leopard Edition!

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Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Leopard Edition is priced at US$ 19.95 for a Single User License delivered via download after approval of your secure purchase by credit card or PayPal®.

Delivery on CD, a discounted Download+CD Combo, and multiuser licenses are also available.

Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Leopard Edition is not only an excellent value, but a superb investment in your productivity.

Take advantage of Dr. Smoke's comprehensive experience and expertise in preventing and resolving problems with Mac OS X 10.5: buy Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Leopard Edition today!

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Buy the Book

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