The following table lists some of our favorite Web sites related to all things Mac® and Mac OS X. If you know of a link that should be added to this list, or if you would like to cross-link with The X Lab, please send an e-mail.

Web Site Content
AccelerateYourMac® A superb source for investigating performance upgrades and equipment compatibility for both new and old Macs. The site’s CPU Upgrade, Drive Compatibility, and Video Card Performance databases are invaluable for their unbiased reviews written by actual users. Truly an amazing site for its breadth and depth.
Apple® Support Communities Formerly known as the Apple Discussions, the Apple Support Communities connect you to fellow Mac users dedicated to providing technical assistance to all who ask.
Applelinks A fun news site with in-depth reviews written by an army of regular columnists.
LoneStarDigital Dr. Smoke's favorite site for digital camera reviews.
The Mac Observer Clean design, feature articles, comprehensive archives, and the latest news make The Mac Observer a great site.
Mac OS X Hints One of the best sites for Mac OS X hints, tips, and tricks. Excellent Forums in addition to the open discussion that accompanies reader-submitted tips.
MacDailyNews An excellent news site with a clean design.
MacMerc News and forums in addition to original articles and comprehensive reviews, offering a unique perspective for the Mac professional.
MacNews Excellent news site featuring a sleek, efficient design.
MacMusic A comprehensive site for the Mac Musician, whether you are a hobbyist, artist, or audio engineer. Superb content on audio, music, and MIDI with many unique features.
MacNN Mac News Network nicely blends the latest news with groups of well-organized software announcements. Chat and popular Forums are additional features of this well-organized site.
Macs Only! A great site for news, well-written product and performance reviews, and one of the coolest favicons around! The site features clean design and easy-to-read articles with great content and a comprehensive archive. Their unique content make it a regular "must read" for the avid Mac fan.
MacWindows An outstanding site dedicated to information on integrating Macs with the Microsoft® Windows® environment.
O’Reilly® MacDevcenter A treasure-trove of technical information on Mac® OS X. While largely for developers, many of the articles are useful for anyone desiring to learn more about Mac OS X.
Unleash Your Multilingual Mac Tom Gewecke's excellent site explains how to leverage the built-in capabilities of your Mac to work in languages other than English, including languages employing non-Latin scripts and characters.
The Unofficial iMovie™ FAQ Dan Slagle's outstanding site provides: solutions for the most common iMovie problems; iMovie hints, tricks, tips, plug-ins, and troubleshooting advice; and links to authoring VCDs, SVCDs, and ripping DVDs.
Westwind Mac OS X Reference Informative references lists, such as “What are all those processes?”
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