X509Anchors keychain

As of Mac OS® X 10.5 Leopard®, the X509Anchors keychain is obsolete. It has been replaced by the System Roots keychain as the repository for root certificates.

If you upgraded from an earlier version of Mac OS X, the X509Anchors keychain is retained for backwards compatibility with older applications that read this keychain, such as Microsoft® Entourage®.

The presence of this obsolete keychain is responsible for the

Warning: accessing obsolete X509Anchors

messages in system.log. These messages can be ignored.

The X509Anchors keychain is harmless and can be left in place. If you do not use any third- party software that requires this keychain, it can be deleted using the instructions in the Mac Help document in the following table corresponding to the version of Mac OS X you are using:

Mac OS X Version Mac Help Documents
10.7 "Delete a keychain"
10.4-10.6 "Deleting a keychain"


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